Venture. Creation.

We move ideas from conception to exit.

We are builders and operators.

We invest, patent, operate, hire, market, make, build, sell and exit.

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Management. Focused.

Decades of experience. Extended team, Launch, operate, grow and exit.

"From Conception to Exit"

Forward. Impact. Relevant.

We move ideas from conception to exit. Our goal is to create value in
commerce. Our execution includes the rapid launch, operation, growth
and exit of businesses across all disciplines. We invest, we patent,
we operate, we hire, we sell and we manage the entire process from
idea to revenue to profit and exit.



Apollo Carbon provides professional services leveraging decades of hands-on experience.  Our extended team has funded, launched and operated companies in aerospace, biotech, food products, software, aircraft, avionics, adaptive grids, wireless security, propulsion, spacecraft, telemedicine, and entertainment.

    • Seed
    • First Stage
    • Later Rounds

    • Executive Management
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media
    • Press Events

    • Design & Engineering
    • Test and Evaluation
    • Manufacturing

    • Decades of Experience
    • Cross Discipline
    • Executable



 Seed. First Stage.  Later Rounds.

Apollo Carbon invest its own capital in seed stage rounds to ready a company for first and follow-on stages of investment.  Post seed, we arrange for follow-on equity and debt financing with well matched partners who can bring to the company far more than capital alone. In this way, and in every step of the process, we bring value in a way that directly facilitates the rapid growth and progression of an idea or concept through to the execution of profitable exit strategies.



Hours Logged

Miles Flown

Client Hours Saved



Operations. Taking “Specialized” Seriously.

Above all else we are operators and know that in the end it is all about smart execution.  We administer select business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization as we convert materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization..

The Team

Apollo Carbon

Venture. Creation.

The Apollo Carbon team is made up of a group of seasoned engineerings, operations managers and executives across all disciplines and includes over 30 sector-specific professionals..
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